Merlot vinified as a varietal wine, like in overseas or in the Canton Ticino, isn’t very common. Especially as regards the Italian winegrowing. There are only a few exceptions to this rule, e.g. in France. The most expensive wines from Bordeaux are mostly vinified as single-varietal, high quality Merlot, e.g. Château Petrus.

Merlot is smooth and velvety; it is characterized by flavours of cherries and plums. Its colour is deep ruby-red. Merlot is an early ripening variety, therefore it has enough time to ripen fully in many regions of Central Europe; it can be harvested already two or three weeks before the other Cabernet varieties.

Merlot is a perfect blending partner for cuvées, though the best suitable partners seem to be the red Cabernet varieties. As Merlot harmonizes excellently with oak it suits for barrel storage. Hence, Merlot is used in almost all blended Bordeaux wines .